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People smuggled in liquor... [entries|friends|calendar]
A Poetic Retelling Of An Unfortunate Seduction

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(3 Love letters_</3_Broken into pieces)

[27 Mar 2005|12:33am]
I know some will kill me, some won't even bother.

But for you guys can know.

I have a new journal.

If your asking how many journals I have had in the past idk ? 3 years.

this will be my 4th one. and thats just live journal.

so yeaa..

new journal: name_heart

add if you wish. it won't be friends only.


Ps. + i get to bored and this is what happens when your bored.
I fot got to mention this.
If your gonna add me just to add me and never coment and never read and just trying to make your friends list even bigger or jut big, don't bother adding me.

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[15 Mar 2005|05:07pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Im bored.
I think.
I might be grounded longer than I thought ):

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[02 Feb 2005|12:48pm]
Even though I've been grounded it hasnot felt as if I were grounded.

Ive been getting so much for my birthday.
And alot of people have told me happy birthday.
I felt special. haha ((:

well Im off. Im at school.

<33333333333 EVERYONE!

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[26 Jan 2005|06:57pm]
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